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 Oh, damn you, Livejournal DDoS. I am an addict. I feel hideously, hideously cut-off from the entire world.

I am cranky today. It was warm in the office, so we put the AC on, which we don't do often. It didn't really feel cold enough but it made it at least bearable. Until my new helper (who I've very suddenly gone off) came out of a meeting, back into the office and announced that she was freezing. Half the office are saying they're hot, half are freezing. Usually people fall into one camp or the other - my two French colleagues are always cold and Housewife Colleague and Boss's Feisty Mother are always hot but I tend to jump from one to the other and today I was hot. 
And my helper - who comes in every day in a skirt and some precious shoes (she's such a girl! It's shoes shoes shoes) and of course, she's got bare legs and she whines about being cold. And she says "I know the rest of  you like a quiet life but I'm not going to wear ten pairs of trousers just so as not to freeze, I'm going to say something." One pair of trousers would do, love. It's not too much to ask that you cover your legs up if you're going to whine about the cold so the rest of us don't get heatstroke.
I am always cranky in the heat. I hate the heat. And I work in an office with a tin roof so it gets unreasonably hot in the summer and I like the AC as long as it's not too cold (and we used to have it set at 18C, from 10am to the end of the day which was arctic). 

I was also cranky today because I went snowboarding. And it was hot as I hiked up the hill a dozen times and slid down. And the slope was sticky. When I say "sticky", I mean the damn thing just put the brakes on. I could just about move by method of shuffling vigorously but it was very easy to stay put at a ridiculous angle. So I pleaded for some spray and that made it go like a rocket - for the top two-thirds. At the bottom third, brakes go on again. So, so frustrating.

And the nice lady from the abseil who was going to email the photos she took of me has not and that is frustrating. I check my emails twenty times a day being hopeful but nothing.

*wants livejournal back* *cries*


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